Pavers (Pave Uni) and Retaining Walls


Stergios believes in creating lasting landscapes designs that are both functional and harmoniously bring forth the natural beauty of a property’s existing terrain. Whether creating a new landscape, renovating an existing one, or simply maintaining current surroundings, Stergios Paysagiste helps you translate ideas into a plan that will generate ongoing curb appeal.

Call our experienced and professional team to get started on your landscape pave uni and retaining wall designs.

Sod/Grass Installation


Grass sod is an excellent and robust alternative to seeding as it instantly provides homeowners with a dense, thick, and healthy lawn. Stergios Paysagiste uses great care when installing Kentucky Bluegrass sod rolls in order to ensure proper and timely rooting to the leveled top soil below.

Wood Patios


Wood patio decks allow homeowners to extend their living space and amenities from indoors to the beautiful outdoors. Using your home's architectural style and overall landscape plan, Stergios Paysagiste prepares a custom design that showcases beauty and quality. With wood patio decking, a wide assortment of styles, sizes, railings and materials can be explored in order to create a truly unique fit.

Yard Design


Extend Your Indoor Living Space To The Outdoors

Whether it be a sunny summer day or a warm spring night, a beautiful backyard landscape is a great way to bring together your loved ones. Our conceptual objective is always centered around transforming your outdoor backyard space as an extension of your indoor living space.

Based on your needs and style, your outdoor living space can be intimate, festive, family oriented, or even your personal place of serenity. At Stergios, our landscape design solutions widely range from wooden decks to raised patio platforms and even built in BBQ kitchen islands.